Skin Needling, Scar Reduction, Stretch Mark Reduction PricingDermapen Before Stretch Marks

NOTE: Acne Scar Reduction Pricing is Found in CIT Menu

Single Session 1 hour*:    $100 Per Hour plus a $50 Tray Set Up Fee Per Treatment

Time Over and Above (1) hour is charged at $25 per (15) minute block.
*Scar needling procedures are charged at an hourly rate for “actual treatment time” (preparation or numbing time is not counted).Dermapen-After-Stretch-Marks

[plain]Multiple visits may be necessary to achieve desired results and should be scheduled 2-8 weeks apart. Very small or very large needling procedures that require less than an hour or multiple hours can be quoted or packaged at a reduced cost after a required in person consultation.[/plain]