Permanent Lip Color

Permanent lip color, liner and shading can improve the appearance of lips for women and men. It helps lips appear more defined without surgery or fillers and restores color to lips that are too pale. Permanent lip liner eliminates the daily use of pencils to outline, fill-in, or reshape lip borders. Permanent lip color decreases the need to reapply lipstick or lip gloss. Lip tattooing can help balance the symmetry of lips that are uneven, too thin, too thick, or scarred. It can also enhance the natural color and shape of “perfect” lips.  Those with moles or other foreign skin conditions on the lips or lip line are required to bring the condition to my attention and then must decide the course of action for that area prior to the procedure.  Moles, warts, bumps etc. can collect pigment especially on the lip line and may accentuate their appearance.

Shape, Design and Color

Lips are an important beauty feature of the mouth. They form a smile and show emotions. They help “frame” a person’s teeth and determine attractiveness.  Eve will work with you to select a color that is flattering and pleases you and gives you flexibility to change it later by applying a different shade of lipstick when you want.  This procedure is not intended to change the shape or symmetry of your lips but to enhance the shape of your natural lips.   Specialized requests for shape altering must be discussed and options agreed upon prior to the procedure.  This special tailored method of slight alternations will increase the price of the full lip color cost.

Pigmentation Options

Eve is highly trained in color theory and innovative lip color techniques. She can tattoo lips using multiple colors and methods including a basic liner, lip liner with blending, and full lip color.

Blended Lip Liner: This method is for anyone who wants a lip liner that appears soft. This creates a liner on the lip border and then shades it inward slightly so it appears as if the person’s lipstick has been eaten-off. This technique is more attractive than a lip liner by itself (plain line) which can appear harsh and unnatural depending on the contrast of color.

Full Lip Color With Liner: This method is for anyone who wants the appearance of wearing lipstick with or without a defined lip line. We first create a liner on the lip border then implants color inward throughout the fleshy part of the lips. When healed, lip gloss can be worn alone or different colors of lipstick can be applied on top.

Preparing for Your Lip Procedure Appointment

  • You should allow at least 3 hours for your initial procedure.
  • If you remove facial hair around your lips by tweezing, shaving, threading, or waxing, that should be done a few days before your appointment.
  • Electrolysis or laser hair removal should be completed 5 to 7 days before.
  • Taking an anti-viral medication is required if you have a history of Chicken Pox or cold sores.
  • You should also wear and bring your favorite color lipstick or lip pencil for color options.
  • Additional preparation guidelines will be given to you when you schedule your procedure appointment.

During Your Procedure Appointment

You will fill out forms including a medical history that Eve will review. She will evaluate the shape of your lips including their symmetry and fullness. She will discuss techniques and colors with you.  Color decision is ultimately the clients choice but personal skin undertone factors must be considered and adjusted for.   After the color has been determined, a topical anesthetic will be applied to numb your lips.She will continue to apply anesthetics during the process to keep you comfortable. Before and after photos will also be taken for your file with your colors recorded for future references.

After Your Procedure Appointment

You lips will be temporarily swollen right after your procedure. They will be tender and may have some minor bruising in some places that will go away in a few days. Your lip color will definitely be brighter and darker than what you want. It will lighten a lot after your lips peel (about 3 to 6 days post procedure). The color will continue to soften and stabilize over the next several weeks. Your lips will be bright and slightly larger than normal (from swelling) during the first week of healing, so you should keep this in mind when scheduling your procedure. To minimize any chance of infection or allergic reaction at home, you will receive detailed after care instructions with a product for aftercare at no additional cost.

Follow-up and Maintenance Appointments

Your lips will gradually lighten and the color will stabilize over several weeks following your procedure. Lip tissue is different from regular skin, so it loses the most color following an initial tattooing procedure. Your lips will probably heal lighter than you want, but they can be darkened with a second application of pigment at a follow-up visit (“touch-up”).   A follow-up might be needed to adjust shape or add color to areas that healed lighter from tissue swelling and bleeding during the tattooing process. Ideally, your second visit should be completed between 4 to 8 weeks post procedure. Because the lips are very vascular, color can fade over time.  Scheduled maintenance visits should take place before color fades too much.