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PICTURES in separate galleries can be located by continuing beyond this page, in the “PHOTOS” drop down menu. There you may view the gallery pictures for each individual service I offer. Below are some basic examples of the type of procedures available to you.  I have included single photos for examples.

All pictures in these gallery’s are photos of my work on clients at Exceptional EverAfter; I have specific permission to publish them.



There is more than one method of implanting pigment to create eyebrows. My favorite is the Micro Blade Method. The Micro Blade Method is a thinner hair stroke performed with a hand held tool vs. a Micro Pigmentation machine:






The other method for implanting pigment to create brows utilizes a Digital Micro Pigmentation Device.   It can laid to leave a powder look, brush stroke look or a thicker hair stroke.







Eyeliner is implanted using the digital Micro Pigmentation Device.   It can be applied to look as light as a lash enhancement or to varying thicknesses from very think to very thick and dramatic.   Each design in my gallery is based on the desired thickness, style and color requested by the client with consult and my opinion factored in to end result.







Lips can be accentuated with a simple outline, shading or full lip color using a Digital Micro-pigmentation Device.