[plain]The exact amount of time it takes to treat any certain area can not be accurately predicted. The general rule for the Eliminink process is that it can take anywhere from 1-5 sessions to remove the tattoo completely from each treated area.[/plain]

1 Session*: $195
*Typically an area equal to 2-square-inches can be treated in an hour. 1 session of actual treatment time is 1 hour maximum.

*Partial Sessions Over and Above the Initial (1) Hour Session are Pro-rated at a Rate of $50 Per 1/4 Hour.

* Very Small Tattoos: Areas substantially smaller than 2″ square can be quoted with a discount after an in person consultation.

* Very Large Tattoos: Eliminink is not meant or feasible to treat tattoos covering a large area.

*Eliminink is idea for removing colors that the Laser just can’t budge.