Questions and Answers

Are There Any Risks I should know about?
How Many Treatments Do I Need and What is the Hayflick Limit?
When will I see results?
What is the recovery period?
Why should I choose CIT over other treatments?
What can I expect after my Collagen Induction Therapy Treatment?
How long does Collagen Induction Therapy last?
What is recommended to obtain optimum results?
What is a Medical Grade Dermapen®?

Are there Any Risks I should know about?

Factors that may complicate or prolong your healing include: diabetes, those with STD’s,  the herpes simplex virus or cold sore breakouts.  Those with a prior history of herpes/cold sore breakouts and fever blisters are advised to pre-treat with an antiviral medication such as Zovirax, Acyclovir, Famvir or Valtrex to avoid the possibility of an outbreak.  These medications can only be prescribed by your physician.  Antiviral medication pre-treating to avoid a breakout should take place a minimum of (2) days; the day before and the day of your procedure. If you do not choose to pre-treat with medication, you may be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging you understand there is a risk of a breakout when needling is done near the lip area.

How Many Treatments Do I Need and What is the Hayflick Limit?

This will depend on the degree of your wrinkles and your expectations. The number of treatments may range from four to six, with sessions as little as 2-4 weeks apart.  If you are in your late 70 or 80 years of age this process is not recommended for you because the results are determined in part by the Hayflick limit, which says that the number of cell duplication of fibroblasts depends on age.  Fetal fibroblasts can duplicate 50 times on average before entering senescence, while from 30 years of age onwards, the number of duplication is reduced by 10% every decade of aging.

Duplications is the natural process of the skin cell.  If the cell is not able to duplicate itself by cutting off  part of the telomere this is the point it goes into the stage of senescence.

Cellular senescence is the main process of erosion and loss of fibroblasts which causes the cell not to be able to divide and leads to accumulation of toxins and yellowish substance in the cells which is called lipfuscin 2.

The level of lipfuscin is linked to the level of free radicals located in the cell and it is responsible for skin cell condition.  Too high of a level of lipfuscin acts on skins cells as a poison like substance which reduces the ability of the cell to neutralization of free radicals.  In final, that mechanism leads to age spot creation.

When will I see results?

Results have been seen in as little as (1) session on a regular basis but can take three to nine months to fully appear as the body takes time to generate new collagen.   However science has shown that this process is continuing to grow collagen and elastin at a varying rate for a full year after each treatment.  You will however, see continual improvement. Acne scarring and minor scarring are reduced.  Fine lines and wrinkles are softened.

[plain]Example: A woman who had a face lift scar on the outside of her mid face and along the outside of her ear had it needled and worked to “remove” the appearance of the scar.  The surrounding skin became much more noticeably smooth. The skin around the needled area didn’t match the rest of her face because it had become “baby butt” smooth with no pores visible. The rest of her skin had wrinkles, minimal acne scarring and uneven texture.  Using the same process of skin needling the rest of the skin on her face was made smoother. [/plain]

This has been proven to without reservation as an effective and inexpensive treatment for wrinkles, acne scars and uneven skin.

What is the recovery period?

Needling requires virtually no downtime.  You will have small scratches in each of your wrinkles if you require phase 1 of the process, those scratches can be covered with makeup the following day and will disappear within (3-5) days.  The treated area will be red as if sun burned that usually dissipates within (8-24) hours.

Why Should I Choose CIT over other treatments?

You are encouraged to investigate the details, costs and maintenance of alternative much more invasive treatments such as Phenol Chemical Peels,  Photo lasers, Co2 lasers, Epil Lasers, Derma Abrasion, TCA Chemical Peels and Botox.

With CIT, nothing UN-natural, created in a laboratory or foreign is injected under your skin and left to dissipate where it so decides in your lymph-nodes or liver.  Skin is not removed or burnt off.  CIT is a scientifically PROVEN FDA approved technique with almost no down time, is a fraction of the cost, is virtually pain free and leaves sustainable all natural long lasting results.

What can I expect after my Collagen Induction Therapy Treatment? (Facial and/or Neck)

  • Do not expect to leave beautiful looking like you just received $1,000 in Botox injections or dermal fillers. This is not an instant fix.   This is a therapeutic regimen that takes time to let your body’s natural healing take place over time.  However, the results once achieved will last 500 to 1,000 times longer.
  • The treated area will be red and sunburned looking with a Slight “tired” look as a result of light swelling and puffiness (1-3 days) and skin may feel extremely tight.
  • You may resume normal activities following procedure.
  • Results will begin to become visible within weeks following treatment however; skin will continue to improve for several months.
  • Day 1 to 2 (normally 24 hours): Erythema and mild swelling subsides and a mild sun burnt feeling along with slight itching and healing sensation in the dermal layers of your skin.
  • Day 2 to 7: Increased mild exfoliation and dryness that can be countered with Hyaluronic acid and Matrixyl 3000 hydration serum.  A mild sporadic pin pointed itching sensation (healing from within) throughout treated area.
  • 1st week: Improvement in texture and tone
  • 3rd week: Improvement in pigmentation
  • 6th week: Improvement in fine lines, wrinkles, scars

However, no guarantee is expressed or implied as to the precise results, peeling times or discomfort. Skin rejuvenation can take up to 9-12 months to obtain substantial results.

How long does Collagen Induction Therapy last?

Your own natural new collagen your body produces lasts for a long time (5-10 years), unless the skin is further damaged by sun exposure, smoking, pollution, stress, aging and many other external factors.  A maintenance treatment should be considered based on these circumstances (1) time per year and as often as every (3) months depending on these factors.

What is recommended to obtain optimum results?

Hyaluronic Acid (also called Hyaluronan) is a supremely hydrating ingredient, hyaluronic acid has the ability to  transmit massive amounts of water into the skin (in the neighborhood of 1000 times its own weight), it is an extremely effective moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid seems to prevent scarring as well. It is a known fact that fetuses do not scar and this is thought to be due to the extremely high levels of hyaluronic acid in the amniotic fluid. This is yet another great reason to include this ingredient in an anti-wrinkle treatment.

MATRIXYL 3000 is a amazing collagen builder and  is the trademark name for Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3, one of the powerful peptide molecules found in the latest generation of high-end anti-wrinkle skin care products. This breakthrough ingredient stimulates collagen production in the skin and can even give BOTOX® injections a run for their money in the anti-wrinkle department. Matrixyl becomes even more effective when combined with other peptides.  The researchers reported, “A highly significant reduction in the deep and moderate wrinkles was obtained on the side treated with 3% Matrixyl.  At the conclusion of the study, the surface area occupied by deep wrinkles was reduced by mean of 68%. The surface area occupied by moderate wrinkles was reduced by a mean of 51%

Weekly all natural exfoliating peels will allow your facial products to be absorbed vs. setting on the skin and doing nothing.  I carry a wonderful peel with dead sea minerals that works wonders with zero discomfort and takes less than (10) minutes to apply.   You WILL see the dead skin leave the treated areas.  Derma abrasion is uncomfortable, costly and not necessary to remove dead skin.

A weekly collagen mask following your peel is also optimal and will freshen, tighten and replenish what your skin may have lost from pollutants, stress, smoking, over exposure to sun, and aging.

What is a Medical Grade Dermapen®?

Its The Worlds Most Advanced Fractional  Micro-Needling Device for treating Wrinkles, Scars, Acne Scarring and Stretch Marks.  For more information about  Dermapen® click on this link.