Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), Skin Tightening or Micro-Needling, MESO Therapy is a revolutionary aesthetic medical skin rejuvenation treatment that employs very tiny small sterile needles that perforate the outer layers of the skin.  This is done with a specialized device called a micro needling device and a medical grade Dermapen®  The primary function of this treatment is to cause tiny, microscopic breaks in the skin (Epidermis).  This method is scientifically PROVEN as an all natural, long lasting, collagen reformation technique.

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Before and After Collagen Induction

micro needling Before and After Collagen Induction


Collagen Induction Therapy has been clinically proven to:

  • Stimulate and re-produce your own natural collagen and elastin
  • Smooth wrinkles
  • Reduce appearance of stretch marks
  • Improve depressed acne scarring (old and new scarring) and hyperpigmentation
  • Have a faster healing time than with more invasive procedures
  • Work on neck, chest, eyes, lips an any area of the body safely
  • Create an extremely high absorption rate for topical applications on the treated area
  • Work on all skin types

How Collagen Induction Therapy Works

As a response, to the treatment, platelets and fibroblasts are released. These platelets produce a series of growth factors that promote the body’s own production of natural collagen and elastin.

This technique preserves the integrity of the skin as it stimulates collagen deposition in the dermis and thickens it, creating a smooth complexion. It also improves dilated blood vessels and can greatly improve acne scarring, surgical scars, injury and other forms of scars.

This needling breaks up old collagen strands that are tethering the indented wrinkle. Each microscopic needle thrust creates collagen immediately under the epidermis and begins the activation of gradual ongoing collagen production.

The needles penetrate through the epidermis but does not remove it like other treatments, such as Co2 lasers, Epil Lasers, Derma Abrasion and TCA Chemical Peels allowing it to heal rapidly at a fraction of the cost. As the skin swells, the needle pricks fuse and the edges of the epidermis begin to adhere. The procedure stimulates the upper area of the skin. This promotes the remarkable healing response of the body.

It instantly reacts and induces collagen producing cells (fibroblasts) and the release of growth factors to form at the puncture site, where the wrinkle was treated. Growth factors augment collagen deposition and maturation.

Ultimately, long lasting (5-10 year) all natural collagen is laid down and “fills” the wrinkle within 6-9 months. The process may mimic the results obtained with a laser, but without destroying the outer skin (epidermis). The skin reddens and swells immediately after the treatment. By day 2-3, the skin returns to a moderate pink flush and the mild swelling decreases.

Collagen and elastin will continuously build and the skin will gradually tighten up. The process should be done 4-6 times, every 4-6 weeks during a 6 month treatment period. The treatment should not be repeated until the epidermis has completely healed. A complete cycle of internal healing usually occurs within 2 weeks to a month.

Factors that may complicate or prolong your healing include: diabetes, those with STD’s,  the herpes simplex virus or cold sore breakouts.  Those with a prior history of herpes/cold sore breakouts and fever blisters are advised to pre-treat with an antiviral medication such as Zovirax, Acyclovir, Famvir or Valtrex to avoid the possibility of an outbreak.  These medications can only be prescribed by your physician.  Antiviral medication pre-treating to avoid a breakout should take place a minimum of (2) days; the day before and the day of your procedure.  If you do not choose to pre-treat with medication, you may be asked to sign a waiver acknowledging you understand there is a risk of a breakout when needling is done near the lip area.

Collagen Induction Therapy is often referred to as “micro needling” or “skin needling” in media and literature, however it is important to distinguish it from other contexts in which micro needling devices are used on the skin (i.e. trans-dermal drug delivery, vaccination, etc.)

In addition to the digital needling device, a supplemental medical tool called a electronic derma pen is ideal for non-surgical and non-ablative treatment of various skin conditions such as pock markings, acne scarring, aging (wrinkles, stretch marks), surgical scars, injury scars and hyper-pigmentation.

The Derma Pen creates micro-channels that allow trans-dermal absorption of applied pharmaceutical grade products to enhance collagen and elastin production leading to more youthful, smoother, tighter skin.

The Pen and products used have been clinically proven to smooth wrinkles, reduce appearance of stretch marks, improve acne injury or surgical scarring and hyper-pigmentation.  However, no guarantee is expressed or implied as to the precise results, peeling times or discomfort. Skin rejuvenation can take up to 9-12 months to obtain substantial results.  Most clients, depending on age, see results after the very first treatment has completely healed.

Collagen Induction Therapy is not a laser or a deep chemical peel but a simple procedure and the results are comparable to other more invasive treatments and are sustainable. Collagen Induction Therapy is considered a non-ablative treatment with minimal side effects and minimal to moderate downtime.