Eyebrows ~ Micro Blade/Powder Fill/Hair or  Brush Stroke  $395

Eyeliner ~ Upper & Lower   $395

Eyeliner ~ Dramatic or Thick Upper and Lower   $595 and Up

(2) Colors Add  $100

Eyeliner Eyelash Enhancement ~ Upper or Lower  $395

Eyeliner ~ Upper OR Lower  $275

Eyeliner ~ Upper OR Lower ~ Dramatic or Thick Add   $125

Eyeliner ~ Lower Mucosal Only   $ 275

Eyeliner ~ Lower & Mucosal  $395

Lip Liner    $395

Lip Shading   $495

Full Lip Colour  $595

Single Color Boost/Maintenance/Touch Ups – Starting at Half the  Service Price Listed Above*  Coupons and Discounts are not Valid for These Services.

*Quote provided after required in-person consultation – Coupon/Discount Policy Applies

Color Boost/Maintenance/Touch Up Policy: Color Boost procedures are just that… “Boosting the color on the already existing color and design.”   Therefore, color boost quotes reflect a “one-time” visit; there is no touch up included.  Please note:  Color boost application must be done on a timely basis, before too much color fades away.

Permanent Makeup Done by Another Person

Recoloring permanent makeup done previously by anyone else is not always “just a touch-up”, “color boost” or “color refresher”. Most times the procedure must be started from scratch since it was not Eve’s original work and redoing another person’s work is more difficult because it involves color matching or neutralizing and shape alterations if it was done poorly. Therefore, fees start at the new permanent makeup prices unless an in person consultation reveals that no design change and a simple overlay is needed. Additional charges will apply if extensive shape and symmetry correction or pigment removal is necessary.

ParaMedical Procedures*
*Quoted After Required In Person Consultation and Depends on the Amount of Area in Need of Treatment

  • Areola Re-Pigmentation
  • Scar Reduction / Softening with Dermapen ($100 per hour + $50 set up fee)
  • Acne Scar Needling with Dermapen  (See Collagen Induction Therapy Price List)

What’s included in the session fee?

New Clients

  • Complimentary consultation—includes procedure explanation and list of preparation steps.
  • Medical history review and documentation for your file.
  • Preparation and After care instructions
  • Analysis of facial shape, symmetry, zones, and features
  • Custom makeup designing based upon analysis—with YOUR approval of final design
  • Custom blending of pigments—for the desired color that YOU want
  • Maximum strength topical anesthetics before and during procedure for minimal discomfort
  • New disposable procedure supplies
  • New disposable sterile safety needles and cartridges—no re-usable items to worry about re-sterilization
  • Patented digital computerized tattoo equipment made for the face
  • Allergy patch test prior to procedure (optional) Add $15
  • Before and after photos for your digital file
  • After care kit with instructions and all necessary supplies
  • Free refinement/touch up procedure within 60 days of initial procedure (90 days for lips)
  • Secure storage of your file with color formulas and procedure notes for future visits